Risk of Investing in Solar Power

Risk of Investing in Solar Power Just before you decide on using Solar Power, here are few explanations on the major risks associated with investing your money in Solar Power. It is generally known that Solar power is one of the best alternatives to epileptic and unreliable power supply. Quickly consider the following before paying […]

Some of our services you should look into

SMATV/DSTV We install CCTV Surveillance system at homes, schools & campuses, hospitals, farms and event Centre. We can do remote site set up and remote viewing, and offer warranty all camera installation. Structured Cabling We design and implement structured cabling for reliable data and voice services that meet industry standards and 100{ce03fbbe2cbe85a804f30d16166a931f983ca5d4e82d66c351e7ca4accdea73e} future proof, both […]

Entrepreneurship Empowerment

Everyone was happy at graduation until many became unemployable due to lack of relevant skills.Maybe you should contact Solswt Engineering now. It is quite disconcerting to note that majority of our polytechnics and universities are out of tune with what’s happening in the rest of the world. You can imagine that some of the courses […]